Top-TierRussell Westbrook (WAS) – FP 54.71
You can pick between Westbrook and Beal and they are both safe picks for tonight’s game against NYK. This one has the highest o/u of the night and we know Westbrook has the tendency to fill up the stat sheet. He should be a safe play.
 Julius Randle (NYK) – FP 51.84
The same logic as Westbrook kind of applies here too. Randle is the best player on Knicks and if this is going to be a high scoring game, then I want as many pieces of this as possible. He is also averaging over 40 minutes per game and filling up the stat sheet in all categories. He has also averaged more than 26 points per game over the last 5 and should be a safe pick tonight.
Mid-TierLou Williams (LAC) – FP 28.36
This is another high scoring game and I have 3 players from LAC on this list. Lou had a great game last time around against SAS and tonight he gets them again. He scored 16 points and 2 assists in just 17 minutes. It was a blow-out game and he was pulled out earlier but if he gets additional minutes tonight, he should be able to return value.
Kawhi Leonard (LAC) – FP 50.57
Just like Lou Williams, he was also on minutes restriction since they were up big against SAS in the last game. Look for him to return back to those mid-high 30s playing minutes. Even in limited minutes, he was able to produce and we think tonight should be no different.
Low-TierPatty Mills (SAS) – FP 24.91
Tonight’s game of SAS vs LAC is also tied for the highest o/u of the night and Mills is very lowly priced for this game. E only shot 3-7 from the 3 point line last game against SAS and only played 23 minutes. I am expecting him to get back to his regular form and he has also scored in double digits in the last 5 games. At this price, he should be a steal.
Nicolas Batum (LAC) – FP 27.04
This one is a deeper play and has the boom or bust potential. If you look at his last 5 games, his points are 13, 0, 11, 3 and 12. He either goes off or has an off night but tonight, we think he should be able to replicate what he did in the last game. At this price, he is worth a gamble but definitely not a sure shot.
All projections are based off DK Fantasy Points

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