Top-TierStephen Curry (GSW) FP – 48.21 It’s disappointing to see Curry only getting 29-30 mins in each of the last 2 games. GSW has just not been able to hang in with either of BKN or MIL in their first 2 games. That should change today as they get the Chicago Bulls. Even in limited minutes Curry has salvaged his value but we would be looking for a big night from him today

Kyrie Irving (BKN) FP – 42.17 He’s been on fire in both his last games and that too only playing 25 and 33 minutes in each game.  Today he gets Charlette in what is supposed to be the highest o/u 229.5 points on the night. Look for him to continue his hot streak  
Nikola Vucevic (ORL) FP – 46.78 Another day and Vucevic makes the list yet again. At $8,300 the double-double machine is yet again a steal.  In yesterday’s game, he actually got hot late, but he might be able to continue that in tonight’s game.  

Domantas Sabonis (IND) FP – 43.85 Its encouraging to see Sabonis getting 34 and 37 minutes in his last 2 games. He is also taking good shots averaging almost 0.67 FG%. What was even more surprising yesterday was his 11 assists and getting used in the passing game. If that continues, he is a smash at this value.
Mid-TierDevonte Graham (CHA) FP – 33.68 As mentioned, the CHA vs BKN game has the highest o/u on the night and with Graham starting and playing mid-high 30 minutes, he should be a steal at this price. He has also had double digit assists in both his games with minimal TOs.  DeMar DeRozen (SA) FP – 36.87 He is shooting well and getting the necessary minutes. He is also contributing in the assists and rebounds category and truly filling up the stat sheet. He should be able to return value at $7,300.  

DeAndre Ayton (PHX) FP – 39.67 He’s only played 30 and 24 minutes in each of the last 2 games but that should go up tonight. If PHX involves him early on, he should have no problem returning the value. He is still safe for a double-double but we need a big game from him tonight.  
Low-TierAlec Burks (NY) FP – 30.64 Burks has been hot in the last couple games and getting the necessary minutes. He has also scored 22 points in both of the games and contributed in the assists and rebounds category slightly. The 5 TO yesterday was not that great but hopefully that number should go down.Bismack Biyombo (CHA) FP – 24.08 I want as many pieces of the CHA vs BKN game as possible. CHA should be playing from behind most of the game but that would still leave Biyombo with enough minutes. A double-double would be solid from him tonight.
All projections are based on DK Fantasy Points

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