Guards Forwards/Centers
Top-TierLuka Doncic (DAL) FP – 58.74 Yet another game where it seems like Luka is going to be chalk play. He gets to play LeBron and the Lakers today with the second highest o/u on the night of 228 points. Even though Dallas lost the last game against Phx, Doncic had monster numbers and look for him to continue his MVP candidate season.  

Steph Curry (GSW) FP – 47.70 Last game against BKN was a blowout and he only played 30 mins. Even then, he salvaged his night with 20 points and 10 assists. He also only shot 7/21 from the FG. We know he has the green light to shoot and if this is going to be a high scoring game, he will have to contribute.  
Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) FP – 61.24 Not sure why but the afternoon games on Xmas day feel like low scoring as compared to night games. That said, this game against Warriors has the highest o/u of 231.5 points on the day. Giannis also had a monster game last time out and look for him to also continue.  

Nikola Jokic (DEN) FP – 50.81 Jokic is also a walking double-double machine. What we didn’t expect last game was the 14 assists and 2 blocks that went along with the game against Sacramento. He should be a smash play tonight as well.
Mid-TierTyler Herro (MIA) FP – 30.21 Herro had decent numbers last time against Orlando Magic but what was encouraging was that he shot the ball 14 times. He was also only 1/5 from the 3PT line. Look for him to also up his assist numbers in this game.

Eric Bledsoe (NO) FP – 30.97 At $5,600 you just can’t go wrong with this pick. He gets minutes in the mid-30s and should have plenty of value with Ingram/Zion alongside him. He is one of my favorite plays today.  
Brandon Ingram (NO) FP – 37.28 Ingram almost got a triple double last game against Toronto. We thought Zion was going to lead the Pelicans, but it seems like Ingram has really taken a step forward this year. He might be matched up against Bam during some point in the night, but he should still have fantasy relevant numbers.
Low-TierDonte DiVincenzo (MIL) FP – 25.08 He does have the ability to rack up a lot of points very fast. He wouldn’t contribute too much in rebounds and assists but just like last time, he could have 15 points racked up in just 27 mins.  

Jeff Teague (BOS) FP – 21.23 He led the Celtics off the bench and was a good sign that he was their primary option during that time. He also played with the starter at times and look for that to continue today against BKN.  
Duncan Robinson (MIA) FP – 22.89 It was a good sign that he played 30mins in the last game. He also shot the ball well and is type of the player that could also rack up points if he gets hot.  
All projections based on DK Fantasy Points

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