The FPs are based off DK Fantasy Points.

Guards Forwards/Centers
Top-TierSteph Curry (GSW) FP: 45.52
It’s been a while since we last saw Steph Curry on court. In the last preseason game, he lit up the Sacramento Kings for 29 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists and that too only in 28 mins. Look for him to get minutes in mid-30s against BKN Nets. Not to mention the o/u line on this game keeps going higher.
Lebron James (LAL) FP 50.90
It feels like LeBron was just playing in the NBA finals recently. He should have no problem getting back to form. Just in the last preseason game against Phoenix Suns, he got 20 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists in just 20 mins playing time. The game with LA Clippers should be a close one and would require him playing decent minutes. The triple double bonus is also a possibility here.  
Mid-TierLou Williams (LAC) FP: 24.70
Yes, Lou Williams will still be coming off the bench but should be their primary option in scoring. He should also be playing the end of the game minutes. His numbers in preseason were Steller considering how many minutes he played and should be a good value pick.

Dennis Schroder (LAL) FP: 28.03
He should be ready for the opener game against the Clippers. I’d also expect him to be in the starting line-up. He should be good for close to 30 mins and have no problem logging in double digit points.  
Andrew Wiggins (GSW) FP: 31.79
Wiggins would be one of the primary options behind Steph against BKN Nets. This game is already a high scoring one and expect GSW to play from behind most of the time. Wiggins struggled in the first couple preseason games but found his tempo in the last game.

Montrezl Harrell (LAL) FP: 25.78
He should be coming off the bench and would be their primary rebounder during that time. He also shoots a very high FG% whenever given the opportunity. A double-double is definitely in the realm of possibilities for Harrell.  
Low-TierTalen-Horton Tucker (LAL) FP: 12.45
We can just hope that his preseason form continues. He has been a preseason darlin and we know given the minutes, he has the possibility to score and grab enough rebounds. The only question now is: will he get enough playing time?
Eric Paschall (GSW) FP: 18.91
This one is another deep value pick. Paschall should be in the starting lineup for GSW and hopefully gets big minutes. The rebounds are going to be split up amongst him/Looney/Chriss and lets also not forget that he was their primary option on a completely depleted GSW last year. I’m not saying that is going to happen this year but it’s worth a shot at this price tag.

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