Betting Favorite

Broncos +1

While this is a dumpster fire game, I think this is the best option, maybe even the under. The Broncos have just overall more talent on their roster and while they are going with a 3rd string QB, he didn’t look terrible on Sunday and the Jets have only scored one TD this season.


DEN Defense (DK $5,600)

This is one of my top plays for TNF just because the Jets offense is that bad. Sam Darnold will surely throw and INT and I expect this to be a ground and pound game regardless. Denver has a very injured defense, but I think the Jets are 100% the worst team in football especially without Bell. Could be risky, but Denver D could be valuable at captain/MVP in GPP matchups.

NY Defense (DK $4,000)

This defense play has slightly more value because Denver is starting their 3rd string quarterback. The jets defense got eaten alive by the Colts, but I expect the Broncos to put this game in Melvin Gordan’s hands and just try to run the clock and get out of there with an easy W.

Melvin Gordon (DK $11,000)

Melvin Gordan without a doubt will be the best player on the field tonight. I really don’t think there is much competition for playing anyone else, and for that I would definitely start Gordan as captain/MVP in cash games.

Jamison Crowder (DK $8,200)

Crowder (If he plays) has a chance to be the only spark on a shaky Jets offense. Darnold loves to get him the ball and he is a nice deep threat. I see him as one of the only options that you have from the Jets offense, especially if they get down early.

Brandon McManus (DK $4,600)

Another wild card here, but this game could come down to a lot of field goals as teams will struggle to get into the endzone and McManus is a pretty consistent kicker. This will also save you some value so you can shove all of the few high value players into your line up.

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