Betting Favorite

KC +3.5/ML

KC is coming off the worst performance they have had in recent memory against the Chargers last week. That being said I think this high powered offense gets it together and shows the world why they were Super Bowl champions. Patrick Mahomes continues to impress everyone and the Chiefs win late in a close matchup between the AFC’s top dogs.


Patrick Mahomes (DK $12,000/ FD $16,000)

Obviously you can’t go wrong with either QB in this matchup and finding a way to play both could be the move for a high scoring matchup like this. Both QB’s could find the endzone using their legs which will only create more points.

Lamar Jackson (DK $13,000/ FD $16,500)

Like I stated before, a lineup with both of these QBs is very ideal. If I were to choose one I think Lamar has a higher upside with the amount of rushing yards he could get against a rough Chiefs linebacker core. Expect Lamar to have a rushing TD and multiple through the air as we could see a Monday night game that rivals the Chiefs vs. Rams a couple years back.

Mecole Hardman (DK $4,600/ $7,500)

Mecole is my favorite for MVP/Captain in this matchup. He is an insanely fast deep ball threat that could score easily. Sammy Watkins is still questionable, which will lead to more time on this field for this second year superstar. He is also very affordable allowing you to create more cap space for big name players in this matchup that is filled with them.

JK Dobbins (DK $5,600/ FD $9,500)

JK Dobbins has proved to find the endzone so far in his rookie campaign. The Chiefs have a week run defense and Dobbins could breakout in his first primetime game. With the game filled with so many amazing players you have to take value where you can get it.

Travis Kelce (DK $10,000/ FD $13,000)

Travis Kelce is not only the Chiefs top receiver but is Patty Mahomes’ safety blanket. With the Ravens bringing pressure whenever they can you can expect many check downs to Kelce and I would be surprised if he doesn’t find the endzone multiple times tonight.

Harrison Butker (DK $4,000/ FD $9,000)

Coming off a career performance hitting a game winner last week, this guy can’t miss. While I’m not sure if either team will be kicking too many field goals, the extra points should add up and you have to take this value play to create cap space in other positions.

Miles Boykin (DK $3,400/ FD $7,000)

This could be a reach, but you just have to create that cap space. Boykin could definitely have a shot at getting into the endzone today, and you don’t want to miss out on this insane value if he does. The amount of money he will save you is definitely worth the risk and if you are feeling risky you could even throw him in that superstar spot for GPP matchups.

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